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How to Get Free Robux?

Getting Robux for free is sometimes typical and a lengthy process, yet it is possible. There are attainable ways through which you can get this in-game currency for free, but it might not work in all situations. Some of the mentioned methods may not also be in the bounds of everyone to do.

Here are some methods to get free Robux and have a better gaming experience on Roblox.

1. By Reporting Violators Of Roblox Guidelines

Roblox being an online gaming platform, will always be an attraction to the scammers who constantly try to break the guidelines. These violators are a danger to the entire Roblox platform and its users. Roblox has over 56 million players, so it has to maintain its authenticity.

It does the same by relying on the users to do it for them, by rewarding them for reporting such violators. Users get rewards after reporting every 100 violations. These rewards can be in terms of free Robux.

2. Selling Your Scripting Skills

This method of getting the desired Robux is typical for everyone to do it, as it requires having scripting skills to design a game on the Roblox.

You need to find someone who is looking for a helper to build a game. You can do the required for the person and get rewarded. This might as well help you in becoming an in-demand designer.

3. Simple Tasks On Grabpoints

GrabPoints is another great source to earn free Robux. It offers you points for doing the simplest of tasks like filling out surveys, watching videos, etc. These points can be exchanged for different rewards later on. GrabPoints gives the user a vast range of rewards and gift cards to choose from. The website offers you legitimate Robux and doesn’t get you trapped in loops of surveys like some other deceptive websites.

4. Referrals

There happens to exist a thing called Roblox Affiliate Program, which is one of the easiest ways to earn Robux. It gets you rewards whenever you get new users involved and they purchase Roblox. You first generate a unique link for the page that you want to refer to. Now, when anyone uses that link and purchases that particular thing, you get a 5% purchase price in Robux.

5. PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes is another platform that can help you get free Robux. Through PointsPrizes you can earn points by doing simple tasks in the same way as GrabPoints. It offers you to fill surveys and test gaming applications in exchange for points, which can further be exchanged for rewards.

Only Real Ways To Get Robux for Free in 2020

Robux is the currency used on the Roblox for transactions like buying games and other items like shirts etc.

  1. Robux can be purchased from the official applications of Roblox.
  2. Users who have a Roblox membership receive a stipend in Robux.
  3. Again, accounts with membership can sell goodies in Roblox and get profit.
  4. Roblox users can sell game passes in exchange for Robux. Now, users without a membership get a comparatively lesser percentage of profit than a user with a membership account.

Free Robux Generator Scam

A lot of sites on the web claim to have FREE ROBUX GENERATORS, and we need to be aware that these sites are nothing more than a swindle. We need Robux to access, what Roblox has to offer to us, but some people take advantage of the fact that Robux is not free of cost.

So, these sites attract you by falsely promising you to generate them for free, but these are all misleading and deceptive. They usually contain malware and viruses and might as well get your Roblox account hacked.

Some people usually prefer the easy way out, and they are typically the ones that get trapped in these scams very often. They try to find ways that can get them Robux just by sitting around, which is only as attainable as getting a free credit card.

Google also prioritizes new content, which makes it easier for these scammers. They create a pop-up site and lure people into these deceptive traps. Don’t get caught in this hoax even if the generators look legitimate.


The different ways and tricks for getting a free Robux stated above, might not work in the rarest cases. It is also extremely important that we stay on our toes while trying any of the methods.

As truly said by someone, “For every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick it or break-in”. None of us are new to cybercrime and the kinds of scams that are going around. So it remains vital for us to be heedful at all times and not get caught off guard. Stop looking for Free Robux Generators without Human Verification and try only the real methods to get Robux.

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